MTAG Composites are experts in the design and manufacture of moulds for all purposes and have a full in-house mould making facility. Employing staff with over 60 years of combined experience, we provide tooling for all types of composite manufacturing and offer moulds in composite and steel/aluminium. With dedicated facilities, we produce everything from pre-production tooling to water heated VARTM moulds, handlay moulds to silicone bagged moulds and regular vacuum bagged infusion moulds.

Tooling resin systems can be tailored to meet the requirements of the project and we specialise in the production of cost-effective tooling to minimise the investment by the customer. We can also repair and refurbish existing tooling as well as consult on the development of new manufacturing methods for established products in order to maximise the return on replacement tooling. MTAG also offer storage of moulds after production has ceased, ensuring replacement parts would be viable in the future.

As part of our quality processes, all moulds are scanned and compared to their patterns and CAD data in order to verify that they meet the geometry of the part required. In addition, we can digitally scan existing moulds (particularly of heritage parts) for archiving, removing the need to store large, complex and oversize moulds.


Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulds (VARTM)
Injected Resin Transfer Moulds (RTM Light)
Handlay Moulds
Silicone Bagged Moulds (Plus silicone bags and replacements)
Vacuum Bag Moulds
Direct Tooling


ACRO Aircraft Seating Thirty-six VARTM water heated Vinyl-Esther moulds

MRSS  Combination of thirty-one handlay, VARTM and RTM Light moulds for a cab desk

RS Aero Suite of 5 x 4m Silicone bagged moulds

Radical Sportscars Carbon prepreg tooling for autoclave manufacture of race car wing

RS Sailing Machined aluminium tiller and centreboard closed moulds

Perudo Realisations Large Handlay mould for catering kiosks

Orbit Float 6 x Handlay moulds to be bonded to form a flotation pod

Sitech Handlay press mould to form arc-shields for London Underground



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