MTAG are able to supply patterns from a range of material dependant on a number of key factors such as tooling resin system, intended moulding process, curing temperature and surface quality. Some projects may also be suitable for Direct Tooling where small volume parts may be manufactured from CNC derived tooling from either tooling board or metal and MTAG can work with CAD and drawings to meet your needs.

Alternatively, where only physical models exist or OEM parts may need to be recreated, we can use our portable 3D scanner to reverse engineer and supply CAD for pattern making. Capable of scanning parts of up to 4m in any axis, the technology allows for the refining and modification of scan data to provide design intent characteristics, remove features (such as holes or adhesive residue) to yield a solid model suitable for CNC machining.

Whilst some pattern making can be completed in-house, we are proud to be supported by a wide range of secondary suppliers to meet the shortest deadlines for complex projects requiring multiple parts. By operating in this way, we can provide parts to market in incredibly short timescales where necessary.


RS Sailing Hull and deck moulds for five single hand racing boats

ACRO Aircraft Seating Patterns for thirty-six ‘Series 6’ seat moulds

Hitachi CNC direct tooling machined from tooling board for resin coupon testing

Bombardier A suite of thirty-one patterns for train drivers cab desks



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