MTAG have embraced the need for innovation to compete globally with companies with much larger manufacturing bases. Having invested in state-of-the-art portable 3D scanning technology which will combine with our CAD and CAM facilities to offer a complete package of manufacturing virtually any composite product from NPI or legacy/heritage parts through reverse engineering.

The scanning technology itself allows data to be collected at a rate of 200,000 measurements per second to an accuracy of 0.04mm which gives an outstanding capacity to analyse almost anything with incredible detail. Being able to capture data, the associated software provides MTAG with the ability to identify errors, failures or anomalies which could impact on the strength, durability or aesthetics of a product prior to delivery to the customer. The capability to reverse engineer from OEM parts or produce data to manufacture moulds of obsolete/specialist parts in addition to examining and proposing upgrades to increase performance further supports our commitment to innovation.
The technology replaces other more labour-intensive methods of quality control, with the scanner and software able to produce bespoke inspection reports by comparing parts to CAD data. Heat maps of the comparisons give a clear indication of conformance whilst illustrating minute detail which could impact on the performance of parts.
This facility can be provided as a standalone service either on site here at MTAG, or off site anywhere in the UK. If you’ve a product with no CAD, no means to compare a product to CAD, or simply the need to gather accurate 3-dimensional data to be used in industry standard formats, get in touch for a quote.