Drivers Cab Desk Assembly




To develop a manufacturing process to deliver phenolic GRP drivers cab desks which met stringent fire and smoke criteria for Aventra rollingstock.


Having worked with Bombardier as a Tier 1 supplier for draught screens on the Electrostar trains for Southern and Porterbrook, MTAG were asked to evaluate plans for a driver cab desk assembly for the new Aventra trains produced initially to operate on Crossrail (The Elizabeth Line) beneath London. Where possible, Engineering staff were able to suggest modifications to moulded part shapes to improve efficiency of manufacture whilst maintaining part integrity and performance requirements in addition to developing metalwork bonding, paint and sub assembly techniques to add value to the process. Notably, MTAG were able to deliver a complete manufacturing process to deliver a ‘plug and play’ item which reduced work normally completed in-house by BTRoS which reduced installation times significantly.

Through the delivery of a full FAI approval for first off parts, tools were modified where necessary to provide parts which would be easier to install within the drivers cab and last longer in-service. Paint techniques and standards were also developed to ensure the highest quality parts were produced and delivered whilst also developing a full suite of jigs and fixtures to ensure repeatability.

Using the wealth of experience within MTAG, a low formaldehyde phenolic GRP layup was refined in order to satisfy the BS6853 Cat 1b criteria (in fact it will pass Cat 1a) across infusion and hand lay manufacturing processes. This later transitioned to the EN45545 HL2, which it also exceeds. Combining the advantages of raw materials processing with solid tooling and silicone bagging, complex geometries could be manufactured with ease.

The design and production of the Aventra drivers cab desk has been so successful that it has formed the basis of desks for LO Train and East Anglia with MTAG now also assisting from the design phase through to production of new designs for South West Trains and West Midlands Trains. Other composite parts for rail applications such as external panels, cab fronts, valences, internal panels and lineside parts are also manufactured by MTAG using phenolic GRP and polyester GRP which are EN45545-2 and HL2/3 compliant.





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