MTAG Composites not only offer extensive manufacturing and finishing services, but also complete repairs on a variety of composite parts including GRP commercial vehicle panel damage, impact strikes on rail cab fronts, seasonal weather damage to leisure products and repairs to marine craft. In cases where the damaged part cannot be brought to our facilities, we offer a mobile repairs service at lineside/depot or other facility for most types of composites – please contact us for more information.

With our knowledge of composite processing, most damage can be repaired without the need for replacement parts or expensive re-tooling, and our portable 3D scanner can provide detailed information of the composite part both before and after repairs to ensure the part is comparable to a new panel.

We also complete mould repairs and refurbishment, giving an extended life to composite tooling or enabling plugs to be taken to create new tooling. This service can be a cost-effective way to resurrect heritage parts as MTAG did for the movie ‘Le Mans ‘66’ with the production of two replica Ford GT40’s which were in fact fabricated from obsolete Lola Mk6 moulds right here at MTAG! 


Mould cleaning and re-surfacing

Damage repairs

Flange modifications / alterations

Insert detail modifications

Plug manufacture to new moulds

Mobile repairs service – Depot / Lineside




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